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RABBLE ROUSING-- August 31, 2007

By Dragonfly®
Theology [RABBLE ROUSING] is the art of desultory and Byzantine argumentation. Even when the previous sentence seems harsh it is true! Through history we have had a cadre of allegedly professionals and academia analyzing and discussing a part of “history” that in reality is not history because there is no real documentation that can be crossed referenced, there are no archeological findings that can corroborate the basis of theology.

That a Jesus existed, granted. That he was a great sage, granted. That he meant good toward the Jews, granted. However, through the century certain people known as rabble-rousers used the story of the real Jesus to make money from the rabble. Those were the originators of a theo-philosophical movement that later grew to be known as Christianity.

The original fathers of Christianity by today standards were a bunch of corrupted and ill-minded individuals that created a dogma based on lies, deception, and myth designed to look authentic. The took a real story, the Jesus Ben Joseph, for others Jesus Ben Pantera, story and augmented it with fantastic tales from the Talmud. They made a grander than life Jesus and made it the Son of God. Later other master liars reformulated the story and the adulteration continued on and on through the Dark Ages. Wow that is a long time!

Who was the rabble that was converted into Christians? Well, we have to look into real history, sociology, and anthropology to understand the early first century man and its civilization. When we take a close look into it, we will discover that the vast majority of the civilization did not have any schooling whatsoever. They were peasants, laborers, and slaves, soldier that lived of a learned trade. School was for the few that have money and came from royal families. It is believed that one in a thousand new how to read and write. Most of the people of that era were gullible and ignorant that did not have the knowledge of a six grader of our times. That was the main composition of the human pool was pure unadulterated rabble. People hungry of plenty that they lacked and did not see. People that the rabble-rousers sold them a dream of plenty in a future life. Those were the early Christians.

When Christians were getting out of hand, Constantine the Emperor of the Roman Empire decided two put an end to the anarchy that they were creating. That was when the Emperor summoned all the rabble-rousers under a death warrant to a Council in Nice. There, Constantine ordered to them to surrender all their fantastic written tales and took them under arrest. The Emperor of Rome arrested all the rabble-rousers’ Holy Writings. In addition, Constantine ordered them to get organized and to standardize their tales. That is the short story of the origins of Christianity. From then on Constantine made Christianity the Empire’s Official Religion and fed money and power into it. This created an appeasement through the Empire.

In addition, it created a monster that grew out of lies, deceits and forgeries. One of most memorable historical forgeries is the Constantine Donation, which granted the Church power over the Western Roman Empire making the Pope the De Facto Emperor of that Empire. This gave way to the Dark Ages.

The Dark Ages was the period in the history of the western civilization that curtailed all types of knowledge and made man virtual idiots. People hardly knew how write and read. People were full of fear based on ignorance and fantasies created by Church. Prohibitions of all kinds abounded in the Papal State. Everything was a sin punishable in hell for eternity. This was the fate of mankind except if you have money or belonged to the clergy. If you had money, you could buy indulgencies and erase all your sins. You could even buy indulgencies for future sins. In addition, if you belong to the clergy, you could do as you pleased. You could have any women single, married or widow that you wanted without any recourse. In addition, boys and girls were to your disposition!

The church created animals out of people! During the European winters people lived inside the houses with the animals, so everybody was in a barn called house. Men and women copulated in front of their siblings and the only purpose in life was procreation of farm animals for the Church and the feudal lords.

Feudal lords were under the king and the king was under the Pope. Feudal lords were the responsible ones of herding people that lived in their property. People were the property of the feudal lord and he could do as he pleased as long as the church was happy with their tidings. That is the Dark Ages!

Because there were brave men that questioned authority and did not believed and or doubted the Church’s fairy tales, knowledge began to slowly crawl until Renaissance began. In the Golden Age, men began to explode their knowledge and man regained the right track. The Golden Age gave way to the Age of Conquest that began in 1492 and again church was present.

In the New World, all of the Church Dogma took hold and the genocide that took effect in the Native American obliterated the Inca and Maya Empire among many others. Since in the beginning of the Age of Conquest women could not cross the Ocean. Men assassinated and enslaved, in the name of God, the Native Americans and took the Native American females as women. That was the beginning of the mestizo people in America and several new human breeds and culture emerged.

Through the era of Christianity, How many life have been terminated in God’s will? How much knowledge have been destroyed and or hidden in the name of God? The Crusades, The Inquisition, The Conquest, II World War are just a few times were countless of millions of human lives have been obliterated from the face of the World because the Pope said, God wills it! Actually, nobody knows. Through the Christian era, how much knowledge was burned, suppressed, or hidden from mankind because it was harmful toward Church and Christendom? In reality, nobody knows!

Nowadays, if you go to Spain and Argentina and ask people how different life is without the Church Yolk over their neck you will find out. These two countries are one of the most recent to have gained their freedom from religious oppression. In Europe, people are more zealous about the Church ramblings than any place in World. In Europe Church is dwindling at a fast pace. In Americas and in the Far East Church still have a strong hold based on the ignorance and the oppression of its people. Nevertheless, it is also diminishing! As long as knowledge and common sense continues to spread and grow, ignorance recedes and religious bigotry disappears. Church and Religious fantasy tales are doom to end as myths of the past.

If God is omnipotent, why he does not communicate with everyone as he used to talk to Moses, Abraham, and the others? If God is so perfect, why he created an imperfect man? If God is the all powerful, all perfect and the creator of everything, Why he created evil? Why he has not destroyed it? If the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost are one, How the Devil tempted and offered Jesus the kinship of all the kingdoms of the World? How can you offer someone his belongings? If God is so perfect why he sent his son, himself, to be abused by mankind? Could not have fixed the problem by arriving and unquestionably proof beyond the shadow of the doubt that he was God and fix the problem once and for all?

Once that you scrutinize any Holy Book with the lens of logic and common sense you can cast so many questions that theologicians cannot answer with concrete, precise and clear answers. Always, they will fall in the patterns of circular logic, non-sequiturs and reductionism that do not present any solution to any real problem. Therefore, theology is the tautology of lies and deceit by literate and educated people many of them with a fancy title “Doctor in Divinity” that in reality are ignorant rabble-rousers.

The latest fruits of Christianity:

• Joseph Stalin
Was an Orthodox Church Seminarist at Tiflis Theological Seminary that did not go into priesthood!

• Adolph Hitler
Was a Catholic, went to Catholic School and Church.

As Napoleon Bonaparte said, “Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common [IGNORANT/ RABBLE] people quiet!” What a statement! Also Seneca said, “Religion is regarded by common people [IGNORANT/ RABBLE] as true, by wise as false by rulers as useful.”

The fruits of organized religion are fundamentalism and absolutism. Fundamentalism teaches us not change our minds, and not to want exciting things that are available to be known. It subverts science and saps intellect. Absolutism nearly always results from strong religious faith, and it constitutes a major reason for suggesting that religion can be a force of evil in the World.

Nowadays in countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia among others, blasphemy and apostasy are automatic death sentence. As Voltaire said, “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”

So you want to talk theology, fine go to wall and talk to it, I don’t because the Bible by itself says “THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!” and my friend I am free to think as a freethinker that remembers the words of Bertrand Russell, “Many people would sooner die than think.” The bible is an excellent piece of literature, which contains a lot of knowledge on human nature to acquire. It can teach many good things and bad things. As with all the knowledge that mankind have amassed, how you use it depends on your own nature.

Mother Theresa and her corporate ramblings is an example, Hitler and Stalin are other examples of applied biblical knowledge. Theology equals tautology!

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